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Tracey Friley's Facebook Post / May 10, 2018:


Wooooo. For those of you who don’t know, I LIVE to throw dinner parties at long tables & have had in my head and heart for the longest time that I could host “traveling long table dinner parties around the U.S.” 

Not like Dîner en Blanc. I’m talking long sweeping dinner tables where you just show up in spectacular locations in your finest upscale casually chic finery and we dine to fundraise. More like Tracey’s Table. 

So since I need about 12 more of me for all of the ideas in my head, I have stored this idea in a nice little compartment of my heart for the past 10 years or so. There’s a lot in there. #polymath

So let me just say this: Don’t be shocked when you hear me announce Tracey’s Table. It might be a year from now; it might be 5 years from now. But there is now a bit of a flicker to the flame that has been hanging out patiently in my heart. Woo. 

Tracey Friley's Facebook Post / December 13, 2018:

One of these years, I’m going to host (my first?) *Tracey’s Table* during the holiday season so that people who might be feeling low and need a place to feel loved can join me for a spectacular dinner party and not be alone. #dreamingoutloud Tell me one of your dreams?


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