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Limited Edition Deluxe Specialty Food Box: Tasting France

Limited Edition Deluxe Specialty Food Box: Tasting France





Ship date: On or before May 25, 2021


Tracey's Table is a quarterly collection of deluxe specialty food boxes from around the world curated for and inspired by explorers of food. (That would be you.)


Each deluxe box boasts 8-10 non-perishable food items along with instructions on how best to use the items via an invitation-only private VIP Digital Box Opening Experience just for you. 

  • Seriously, mes amis. You have no idea how thrilled I am to be able to present Tasting France, my very first quarterly deluxe signature specialty food box...from my table to yours.


    Ship Date: On or before May 25, 2021


    For those of you who know about my long term relationship with France or have traveled with me and know that I consider myself a bonafide Francophile, then you already know that it means a lot to me to be able to bring you this fabulous French-themed box.


    Like you, I have picked up some cultural habits as I have traveled over the years that are now a part of my every day life here in the U.S.; from what I serve and eat at my dining room table to my French-American husband. Ha.


    Everything I offer has a place in my cupboard and has made its way to my table...and now to yours. Truth is, if I could put more items in this pretty Tiffany blue and teal box, I would; but to be frank, imported goods cost a grip and this gives me a reason to offer up a new Tasting France box every year.

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