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SEP 28-OCT 4

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REGISTRATION IS OPEN for this exciting un-group headed to the French Riviera from Paris by train!

| Grab a RT airline ticket to Paris.

| Stay in Paris for 2 days or 2 weeks. It's up to you.

| On September 28, 2024, your train adventure begins and you'll spend your first night (of 6) in beautiful Nice FRANCE on the stunning Côte d'Azur at 3-star Hôtel Villa Rivoli, a former private home from the Belle Époque (1890) and now a 26-room authentically French boutique hotel.

| You'll experience Cannes, Monaco, Monte Carlo, Éze and more!

| You can even decide if you want to hit up St. Tropez on a day trip, chill on the Mediterranean Sea or stroll Old Nice. #doyouboo

| Return to Paris via train on October 4, 2024.

| Decide how many nights you want to have left in Paris.

| Head home and think about how wonderful it all wassss....


Complimentary travel insurance quote provided.

One-time non-refundable Admin Fee: $50

Payment plan (no finance charges):

$4050 per person single occupancy only

| JUNE DEPOSIT $500 down + $240 per month starting July 15 for 15 months (includes $50 admin fee).

| JULY DEPOSIT $500 down + $258 per month starting August 15 for 14 months (includes $50 admin fee).

| AUGUST DEPOSIT $500 deposit + $277 per month starting September 15 for 13 months (includes $50 admin fee).

| SEPTEMBER DEPOSIT $500 deposit + $300 per month starting October 15 for 12 months (includes $50 admin fee).

| OCTOBER DEPOSIT $500 deposit + $328 per month starting November 15 for 11 months (includes $50 admin fee).

Any questions?


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