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  • Are your adventures for everyone?
    Adventures are for couples and solo women travelers up to tiny groups of 4 women or less.
  • I don't see your *Paris for Women* trip advertised anymore. Have you stopped doing it?
    After several successful years of immersing women in Paris, my final *Paris for Women* trip went down in November 2018 and is being brought back in late 2021; possibly 2022.
  • Do you curate trips to France?
    Yes. From Paris to the French Riviera to the Dordogne. Note: Any adventures that I curate in France or Morocco start in Paris. I also offer a customized Paris trip plan for anyone who needs an itinerary.
  • Do you book airfare for your guests?
    Most of my adventures are Ground Packages only (with the exceptional of Morocco) so that guests can use their frequent flyer miles, buddy passes, or take advantage of any great sales from their respective cities.
  • Can I travel solo?
    Always. Solo travelers make up a big part of my guest roster, so don't let anyone keep you from living out your travel dreams just because a friend or family member can't go! The solo travelers on the trip typically find other solos to connect with and often make new & lifelong friends.
  • Do you arrange roommates for solo travelers?
    I've made it a policy not to roommate match; HOWEVER, there are some trips that are double occupancy only (due to the cost prohibitive nature of the accommodations) and I have been successful making matches.
  • I have physical limitations. Is this group for me?
    It is SUPER important that prospective travelers let me know exactly what their physical limitations are so that I can assess whether or not the trip is a fit.
  • I don't see a detailed itinerary. What's up with that?
    There is always a skeleton itinerary that indicates what you are getting for your money so that you can determine whether or not you find value in the experience. I do not, however, provide the teeny tiny details on purpose, since making a trip epic relies on me being in the location before my guests arrive and getting influenced by my surroundings. To be honest, there is a certain amount of trust required to travel with me, but so far, I no one has complained about not getting their money's worth, and I am proud of that.
  • Do you offer travel insurance?
    I am always happy to provide my guests with a travel insurance quote. NOTE: Whether you use me or someone else, ALWAYS BUY TRAVEL INSURANCE WITH REPATRIATION when traveling abroad.
  • Is traveling with you safe?
    While I can't predict what might happen in any country, I have a 100% safety record and am educated in global risk assessment. I provide safety information for all of my guests (i.e., registering with STEP, etc.) and have no problem cancelling a trip if I think myself or any of my guests might be at risk. I have traveled to every destination I take you to and assess exit strategies in the event of an emergency. Side Note: During the Paris Terror Attacks, I had 2 groups in Paris at the same time and was able to calmly and with a level head instruct my guests on what to do.
  • I have lots of questions about the trip I have registered for. Do I email you every time I think of something?
    I am happy to answer any questions you might have, but always schedule at least one group conference call (once the trip is full) that will answers all of the questions that seem to pop up among the group. Likewise, and for those on Facebook, there is a dedicated Facebook Event Room for each adventure where we can all "meet" in advance and get additional questions answered.
  • What's this about Invitation Only trips?
    Just for fun, I started a new trip experiment this year and decided to offer my very first Exclusive Invitation Only Adventure to a handful of my previous guests (and 1 newbie) on a first come first serve basis. My first trip has already been scheduled in 2019 and 10 women make up my inaugural group. We'll have to see how it goes. I may or may not make this offering once a year.
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